Faux Leather Corset With Lace Trimmings Skirt

Faux Leather Corset Dress With Lace TrimmingsSEXYFROM-Gothic-Black-Zip-Back-Faux-Leather-Dress-Overbust-Corset-Bustier-Shaper-0SEXYFROM-Gothic-Black-Zip-Back-Faux-Leather-Dress-Overbust-Corset-Bustier-Shaper-0-0SEXYFROM-Gothic-Black-Zip-Back-Faux-Leather-Dress-Overbust-Corset-Bustier-Shaper-0-1SEXYFROM-Gothic-Black-Zip-Back-Faux-Leather-Dress-Overbust-Corset-Bustier-Shaper-0-2SEXYFROM-Gothic-Black-Zip-Back-Faux-Leather-Dress-Overbust-Corset-Bustier-Shaper-0-3SEXYFROM-Gothic-Black-Zip-Back-Faux-Leather-Dress-Overbust-Corset-Bustier-Shaper-0-4
Faux Leather Corset Dress With Lace Trimmings

With a stylish lace trimming at the bottom, this faux leather corset dress fits snuggly around the waist and has an elegant lace trimmed skirt and shoulder straps attached. Adjustable from the back and front.

Product Description:

By the “Sexy From” brand, this steam punk inspired corset style dress is made of a high quality faux leather, created with PU and Rayon. This creates a softer material than leather that still looks amazing, and has the added benefit of being cruelty free.

The attached lace skirt is what really sets this corset apart. It is integrated very well into the actual corset part, and adds an extra touch of class to this great outfit. The lace shoulder straps are also stretchy, allowing you to position them how you want; on or off the shoulder.

The adjustment strings on the front allow you to make this corset sit perfectly on the chest,. as well heightening the sheer sexiness of this corset dress. This, alongside the material that it’s made from, makes this one of the most comfortable corset style items.

Additionally the top and the sides of the product are fully boned, helping both this faux leather corset dress keep it’s shape, and you to keep yours.

Do note that this is a corset-style item, in that there is no rope at the back. Instead, you have a full zip, making this item easy to get on and off. This is very much a plus if you are sometimes worried a out getting in and out of your corsets.

Sturdy and well put together, this item is a great addition to any Gothic wardrobe. It is most suitable for club wear, or elegant meals with friends. It is both sexy, and elegant enough to not require covering up.

Included is a matching G-String.

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