Hook Front Wetlook Dress


You deserve, no, demand respect. Show it. This Wetlook Dress shows you mean business. The hook front shows you aren't scared of being seen. But shows everyone they should be scared when they see you.

Product Description:

When you go out. When you are seen in the world. You want to be the dominant one. No one will ever walk over you. You are the one that has control.

This wetlook dress shows this personally touch perfectly
An angry dominatrix look pervades throughout every single detail.

The hooked front looks deadly. Like an invitation that is regrettable. Like it’s not for the person looking. But for you. Luring people you can crush into trap. No one will see your beauty, other than those you deem deserving of it.

A form fitting, bodycon style fit shows that you are in control. Of your own body. Of the situation. Of anyone who comes at you. Of your own destiny.

The eyelet front makes this easy to take on and off. To remove. Not that you will let anyone else touch it or you. At least, anyone who can’t handle you.

When you wear this, you demand respect. You demand that no one questions you. After all, only you know the best way for you to act. No one else can say what you do. It even hint that they can control you.

This dress is perfect for showing that your will is absolute. That you do not accept anything that tries to take your agency away.

No one is ever going to question you in this. No one will ever try to bend you.

Instead, you will be the one controlling. You will be the succubus in the night. Taking what people have tried to put on you. And transforming it. Putting it onto those people who have wronged you.

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