Pirate Style Black Corset


Get ready for adventure. This swashbuckling corset is made for the high seas. Chains and steel boning complete the look.

Product Description:

When you are looking for adventure. When you want to be the captain of your own destiny. When you are out seeking something special. This corset has you.

Pirate styling come from the full chains on the side. Chains which keep you tethered to your sense of or fun. Cultivates your lust for adventure.

Every pirate wench knows that a true pirate corset constricts. Moulds your body. This black corset doubles as a waist trainer. Its steel bones binding your body to its will.

Full corset lacing at the back let’s you tighten this as much as you dare. And then let’s you tighten it even more.

The included modesty panel allows you to cultivate your pirate look straight away. No bunching shall be shown to land lovers.

When you retire to your quarters, relief from corsets are welcome. With its clasped front enclosure, you’ll be able to sing sea shanties again. You get to breathe a sigh of relief at night.

A subtle floral design patterns the fabric. Reminding you of lovers and could-have-been lovers back on land.

The bronze hardware glitters in the light of whenever you may go. Shows your love for all things that can be found in a chest.

Leather details running down the side add extra details. Shows everyone that you can hold your own. That you won’t accept any mutinous people in your life.

All good pirates know that in the harsh seas, the only things worth having are those built to last. Made by the company True Corset. This is built to last. To keep its shape on all of your journeys to come. This is one investment that you and your whole crew will love for all of the changing seasons left.

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