Plus-Size Black Corset


This plus size corset will help you to get the figure, the looks, and the stares that you want. Proving that everyone can look beautiful, this black corset is a worthy buy for anyone.

Featuring a front busk of metal clasps, this corset is easy to take off and will keep you satisfied for years to come.

Product Description:

The image of only skinny disney princesses being able to look good in corsets is completely wrong. As this amazing plus size, black gothic corset proves.

Made out of Polyester, with a smidgen of Nylon, this corset is also long lasting. If you want to buy only one corset in your life, and have it with you for every single gothic occasion where you want to wear a corset, this is the one for you.

Although this corset does come with a free G-String, honestly this is not of the best quality. However, the included garter belts are something to treasure (although the recommendation is, if you do have other ones, to use those instead)

Additionally, unlike many other corsets that you might find on Amazon, this one doesn’t come with a cheap ribbon, but instead quality lace cord, meaning that you can be assured to get the lacing, and the tightening effect, that you really want.

Of course with this corset, as with all other corsets, you want to do up the lacing t the back as tight as possible. This is part of the joy that many people have in owning a corset, the feeling of how tight they can get. However, don’t worry about coming out of it. The front of the corset (the busk) has metal clips, meaning that you can undo them (after making the laces at the back slack) to pop out of your corset with ease.

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