Red Corset Lace Through Floral Pattern

Red Corset Lace Through Floral Pattern Model (1)Camellias-Lace-Through-Top-Floral-Overbust-Corset-Waist-Cincher-Bustier-0Camellias-Lace-Through-Top-Floral-Overbust-Corset-Waist-Cincher-Bustier-0-0
Red Corset Lace Through Floral Pattern Model (1)

Featuring 12 bones, this delightful red corset is just the right mix of saucy and elegant. Add a dash of red to your wardrobe today.

Product Description:

This red corset is fully laced at the back, and has a delightful touch of black in it’s leather boning and very slight floral details.

In fact, these floral patterns change the corset from being something standard into a truly great piece of clothing. The small black details adds a touch of elegance to this corset that is not seen in pure plain red corsets.This is one item that is sure to get attention, for all of the right reasons.

This corset is also easy to get on and off, with it’s front steel busk fastenings, and of course, the ribbon lacing on the back is fully adjustable. And of course, it is laced up at the back just like any other corset.

Of course, as with all corsets, the advice for this is to measure based on your waist size, because oh my, this red and black corset looks amazing when it fits you how it should; nice and tight.

The twelve bones in this red corset grips and contours your body in just the perfect way. Additionally, the vibrant red is sure to pop out at whatever event you wear this to; the goth club, a fancy ball, or even an evening in with some special someones.

The front panel is one of the killer features of this red corset, with eyelets and great details with the ribbon just around the bust area, accenting your chest department. You can tighten or loosen this section, to show off as much or as little as you wish.

Every goth needs a bit of red in their wardrobe, and this corset is the perfect thing to have to empower your fashion, and yourself.

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