Steel Boned Training Underbust Red Corset


If you want a corset that doesn't just look stunning, that also helps you to train your waist to be the way you want it, then look no further.

This steel bone corset, while also being at home at a gothed up ball, has also been made to give your figure training. That is, helping you to give your body that oh-so-amazing hourglass figure.

Product Description:

This amazing red underbust corset, from the Playgirl company, does everything you could want an underbust corset to do.

That is, as well as looking great (and we’ll get to that in a bit) it is also the perfect corset for training. The sizes have been picked out on Amazon so you can select your current waist size, and then read what your waist will become (hopefully) during the course of training with this corset.

Of course, you are also likely to want to wear it out to the goth clubs. Because who really wants to keep a piece of amazing clothing all to themselves (or the bedroom)? Thankfully, this red underbust corset does not disappoint in the look department at all.

With four different layers of cloth, this corset is strong, study, comfortable, and simply beautiful. The pure, slightly shiny, red Taffeta outer coating pops out no matter if you are in a bright ballroom or the dingiest of goth dive bars. Although you could always wear this corset underneath other clothing, when it looks this good, why would you?

And don’t worry about if your current or future accessories will work with this corset either. It features six suspender hoops.

Another great thing? This corset comes with a no-quibble 30 days from purchase return policy, meaning that if you are unsure about sizing, it’s easy and no risk for you to try out this amazing corset.

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