Underbust Wet Look PVC Gothic Black Corset


Dare to be sexy. This PVC underbust corset is a perfect addition to any outfit, but especially matches those with a slight fetish or S&M styling.

Made from PVC Vinyl, and with a full metal busk enclosure, this corset also comes complete with removable garters. The boning of this will help you to whip your body into shape.

Product Description:

A true and sexy underbust corset, this is one item that will wow you and both anyone you let see it.

Made from Black Wet Look PVC vinyl, this one shines in just all of the right ways, meaning that everyone around you will know how great you look while wearing this. However, you don’t have to worry about it being sticky on your skin. The corset also uses a pure 100% cotton lining, allowing your skin to breath. Which is good, as you can really tighten up this corset, which, of course, is how it is meant to be worn.

The full metal busk enclosure makes getting this corset off easy, and the lacing at the back helps you get this corset to fit just the way it needs to. As tight as possible. Getting it off is easy, with you just having to lossen the strings at the back before undoing the clasps.

This is an item that doesn’t need to be just worn in sexy situations. An underbust corset is the perfect accompaniment to many other outfits, and this one is perfect if your other clothing items you are matching with also have a slight fetish or BSDM twist to them.

To help add to the full quality of this corset, it also comes with removable garters. This means that if you don’t have any, you don’t need to worry about getting a pair of matching ones, but if you want, you can easily use your own garters instead.

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