The Body Modification Goth

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This is the goth type that is most likely to make people stop and stare. To to be horrified. These are the ones that seem to show more metal than skin. More tattoos than flesh.

Really, the Body Modification Goth normally exists as a modification to other goth styles. That is, Rivethead Goths, Fetish Goths, even traditional and victorian goths can all also be a Body Modification Goth. It is somewhat of an extra layer that is added to the top of these goth styles.

In some ways, The Body Modification Goth is the ultimate demonstration of the goth tenant that the body is a canvas. A canvas to show aspects of your personality on. A Body Modification Goth sees their skin as something to be manipulated and molded into what they want to be. They will have their tattooist and piercer on speed dial. And they will know this person very well. These are not the kind of people who go to just anyone to get things done. They know exactly what they want, and the best person to do it for them. They might even be tattooists themselves.

Although they might look scary with all fo their tattoos and piercings, Body Modification Goths typically have a warm and friendly personality. Most do also have a biting sense of humor. Most also exist with a large amount of irony. Somewhat like a Daria character come to life.

Body Modification Goths typically leave no aspect of themselves untouched. This includes their personality. Just like a Rivethead Goth, it is not unusual for a Body Modification Goth to also go to the gym a lot, to know what they are putting in their bodies, and to practice things such as medication to keep their mind and their personality as sharp as the rest of them.

Body Modification Goth Fashion

Of course, one of the key fashion elements of Body Modification Goths are the amount of tattoos and piercings that they have. gothic facial piercings are of course, very common. It is not unusual to see new pieces of metal appearing on them every time you meet again. And this is without going into all of the other areas of the body that can be pierced.

As Body Modification Goths typically have a tattooed arm sleeve that they want to show off, wearing short sleeved tops tends to be quite common. This can be in the form of a tank top, a vest, or a short sleeve shirt. In fact, that is one typical element with the Body Modification Goth; the clothing they wear tends to be suited for showing off as much of their body art as possible.

With this, another common thing that Body Modification Goths will wear are netted tops. Netted tops are in fact amazing for a Body Modification Goth. They allow them to stay covered up, while still allowing them to show off as much of their body art as possible.

An interesting thing that is often overlaid with the Body Modification Goth is clothing that might otherwise be seen on a fetish or latex goth. One reason for this might be because some Body Modification Goths are also in this kind of BSDM community. This can make a bit of sense when you think about the small jolt of pain that is associated with piercings and tattoos. That small jolt that many people consider as pleasurable.

This means that it is not uncommon to see a Body Modification Goth wearing a latex or PVC corset, or a similar style trouser. With all of the piercings, having clothing with a lot of straps, such as bondage trousers and tops, are also pretty common. Especially if these straps incorporate spikes, studs, or O-Rings.

Body Modification Goth Music

The typical music of Body Modification Goths is also the kind of music that Rivethead Goths, Military Goths and Fetish goths already listen to. A Body Modification Goth is also likely to listen to the usual classics of gothic life, such as The Cure, Bauhaus among others.

In fact, Body Modification Goths will listen to all kinds of gothic music. However, for some Body Modification Goths, it’s what the theme of the song is about, particularly within the lyrics.

Lyrics that emphasise control, being confident and being powerful are commonly favourite songs of a body modification goth. For example, “Strenge Liebe” by Nachrmahr, with lyrics such as “I must control you, I must dominate you.” So due to this, bands like Grausame Töchter also tend to be quite popular with Body Modification Goths. Leæther Strip is also popular for most of the same reasons.

There is also a lot of crossover with the music of Cyber Goth, especially those songs with more overt Cyberpunk themes. For example, that of Grendel’s songs “Timewave Zero” and “Chemicals and Circuitry.” This is because within Cyberpunk media, there is an emphasis on body modification as an artform. As a way of human’s approaching a singularity with the machines.

When Body Modification Goths are being particularly active, for example at the gym, loud and danceable music is a common thing to listen to. Something to get the blood and heart racing. Something that infect all the limbs with the idea of dance.

Body Modification Goth Interests

As discussed briefly in the music section, Body Modification Goths tend to be interested in Cyberpunk style media because of the ideas of Body Modification and Augmentation that is common within a lot of stories. For example, the work of William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, etc.

Television shows and movies also follow a similar pattern, with the Matrix and other such cyberpunk style movies being interesting to Body Modification Goths. Similarly, horror movies, particularly those in the Body Horror genre, are also popular. Think of basically every single David Cronenberg movie ever.

A comic that is pretty much suited to Body Modification Goths, and is loved by those few that have discovered it, is the comic series Transmetropolitan. Set in a future New York, with a character that is basically Hunter S. Thompson, the comic is set in the backdrop of a world where body modification is rife. From the usual piercings, tattoos and (usual in the context of Cyberpunk) circuit boards, to more unusual modifications like alien DNA. With its transhuman themes, it is pretty much the perfect Body Modification Goth book.

Another interest, of course, is on body piercings and tattoos. It is in fact not unusual for a Body Modification Goth to in fact be working towards becoming a body modification artist themselves. Within this vein, many Body Modification Goths collect pieces of great artwork, or pictures of people with piercings. This is so that they have inspiration for their own different body modifications.

Just like the Rivethead Goth, there is an interest in making the body the best it can be. Gyms, Diet, and general fitness are particularly common.

But the really interesting thing about Body Modification Goths is that they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Literally. If you look over at their tattoos, chances are you get to gain an impression of what their hobbies are. For example, see a video game character on their sleeve? You can probably take it that they are probably very interested in video games, or that particular video game series.

So, even though they might look scary, Body Modification Goths are actually pretty easy to talk to. You can get an instant idea of what topic of conversations to talk about with them. And who knows, they might inspire you to get that piercing or tattoo you’ve been debating about getting.

(Header Image By Bryan Ledgard (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr).

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