The Bubblegum Goth

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This type of goth proves that being a goth doesn’t have to all be able about dark, black clothing. In fact, how far away from black can you get? Very likely pink. Well, pink is the name of the game here.

A very very close cousin to “Pastel Goth”, to the point that sometimes the two styles are almost indistinguishable from every aspect, Bubblegum slight differences comes from a predominance of pink in fashion, happier sounding music than typical goth music, and more of a focus on being cute or kawaii.

Perhaps one of the biggest names for Bubblegum Goth in the mainstream is Kerli, who can be seen as having mainstream success within US with three of her singles achieving top positions on the US Dance charts. She will be mentioned a little bit more in the music section below.

You would have thought that with the focus on pink and bright colours, as opposed to the default goth mode of selecting everything is black, this kind of style would be more accepted in everyday life. However, unfortunately this isn’t the case. The general public can look down this style quite a bit, as it is still very much out there when compared to the norm. You could also look at another mainstream artist who could be said to occasionally to dress in a Bubblegum Goth style, Lady GaGa, and imagine how criticised she would be on many on her outfit if she wasn’t a famous pop star.

Some of the more traditional, hardline goths look down on the Bubblegum Goths, but for me at least, it is just as legitimate of any goth type as all the others. For some, especially those obsessed with Kerli, it will be their first steps into the gothic world. Additionally, the goth culture should never be able judging how someone chooses to represent themselves within the scene.

Bubblegum Goth Fashion

As mentioned above, a lot of the elements of Bubblegum Goth come directly from the Pastel Goth style, but with a hella-lot more pink.

Although black and blond hair are possible, and worn by some people who identify as this goth type, pink (both bright and pale), platinum blond, or even pure white are the key hair colours.

Makeup wise, as is kind of standard for any style goth of makeup, black eyeliner and mascara is typically used, but this is often offset by the eyeshadow in hot-pink.

Tops and trousers are typically white, along with accents of pink. Despite this, some black is possible with the Bubble Gum goth look, especially with miniskirts that have plenty of hot pink accents and trips.

Items that aren’t usually seen in Goth clothing, and could be purchased from standard stores such as H&M can also be seen in the Bubblegum Goth, such as bright pink T-shirts and vest tops. In fact, if it’s the children’s section, and it is bright pink, chances are it can be incorporated into the bubble goth look somehow (of course, typically with a sewing machine.)

Accessories and Jewellery Items are very interesting in the Bubble Goth style. Again, bright pink is the most typical colour, but other bright crayon colours, just like in Pastel Goth, are popular. Typically, any common gothic iconography, such as studs, skulls, crosses and spikes are used, but with an extra element of cuteness and cheese. Collars, especially those you would expect to find on a princess cat, are also used a lot, as well as top hat fascinators (the mini top hats found on the head).Articles brought from Claire’s Accessories are actually quite common.

And then come the shoes. Think massive, massive platforms in white, or black with plenty of pink spikes. Sometimes, shoes with impossibly high heels are also seen, but really? It’s all about the amazing platform shoes.

Bubblegum Goth Music

As often stated in this article, there is once again a lot of cross over with Pastel Goth and Bubblegum goth in terms of the kind of music that is consumed. Although some of the songs will, by nature of being goth music, contain dark lyrical themes, this is not a harsh requirement for Bubblegum goth music. Instead, all of the songs should have a sense of fun involved with them.

Perhaps the best example of this kind of style is Ayria. also said to be in the style of futurepop and synthpop, but all of her songs are characterised by large, happy sounding beats. Lyrically and thematically, her songs sound very much like a child into Teddybears and dolls wanting their revenge on the world. Bubblegum Goths who are fans of Auria can also be found listening to the stylistic similar, and record label cousin band “Helalyn Flowers.””

Another key band that many listen to are the Darkwave, Synthpop inspired The Birthday Massacre. Stylistically, they use more purple in their art and costumes than the Bubblegum Goth fashion typically allows, but the style in which they play their music on stage, with the lead singer Chibi moving around like a toddler oscillating between a toddler throwing a temper tantrum and a toddler at Christmas, and the lyrical themes of a lost and horrific childhood, speaks to the core of many of the interests of Bubblegum Goth.

In a similar vein, there is also the “Baroque Industrial” of Emilie Autumn. Although not so much the songs on her first album, Enchant, the “Fight Like a Girl / Opheliac” era, with its focus on white ‘Alice in Wonderland’ cabaret inspired costumes and theatrical performances is a hit for many fans of the Bubblegum goth movement.

And, of course, there is Kerli who uses the term “Bubblegum Goth” to refer to both herself and the fans that follow her lead in fashion style. Although she is more on the pop side, and it’s hard to describe her music as Goth (although possible) this has been the artist that has got many people into the full Bubblegum Goth (and sometimes Pastel Goth, or other types) scene.

Bubblegum Goth Interests

Of course, Bubblegum Goths aren’t just into their fashion and music. There is a variety of different interests that Bubblegum Goths have, and of course, interests between two Bubblegum Goths vary as much as any two random members of the general population. However, there are some common denominators.

Anime is a pretty large interest of many Bubblegum Goths. After all, there does tend to be characters in these with bright pink hair, and there is also a focus of cuteness in many different anime shows. Additionally, the “Yandere” style of character (sweet, but cutely violent when in love) speaks to many personality traits that Bubblegum goths typically have.

Because of the need to modify many clothes, Sewing and fashion construction is also a common interest that is held across many Pastel Goths. In fact, they are possibly the largest world-wide consumers of pink fabric dyes and paints. This interest in clothing making also helps a lot when a lot of great Bubblegum Goth outfits can actually be found in children sections of stores.

Another artistic outlet that many bubblegum goths also have is Collaging and Scrapbooking, particularly with stickers and bright colours. In fact, this style of scrap booking might also stretch over to their choice of home decoration, with plenty of white mixed alongside bright pinks.

(Header Image By rest_of_the_wave (Own work) [CC-BY-2.0], via Flickr).

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