The Casual Goth

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Not every goth has to be a complete obsessive over the lifestyle. This type of goth shows that it is more than possible to be a casual observer of the scene, not having to dress up twenty-four seven. There are close ties for the Casual Goth with that of the corp goth. However, there are quite a few differences. For example, whereas the corp goth always makes sure their clothing looks gothic, the Casual Goth may have days where don’t even wear a gothic necklace. And whereas the corp goth will always try to look smart, the Casual Goth can bounce between a lot of different styles. Torn jeans and t-shirts for example are items a corp goth would not dream of wearing, but for a Casual Goth, these are quite essential elements of a Casual Goth’s wardrobe.

And although the Casual Goth might be not as into the scene as other members, and in fact might even be wary of giving themselves the title of goth, it’s not as if they have no interest in it other than the fashion sense. With a Casual Goth, chances are they do spend their time at home looking at gothic items or working on hobbies that could be considered gothic. And of course, listening to music that is pretty damn gothic.

Some (but not all) Casual Goths might also be an equivalent of the baby bat. That is, just dipping their toes into the water. Discovering what they want to do in the goth culture and what they want to be. The main difference between this type of Casual Goth and a baby bat is normally usually only age. There is also another subset of this subset of Casual Goth, and this is the tragic case of a Casual Goth who is unable to find the goth community in their city. These are those goths who are hungry to do more, but are unable to do so.

Casual Goth Fashion

Casual Goth clothing tends to downplay the large extravagance in other gothic styles.

Even with all of this said, it is very possible that the Casual Goth actually has one or two more overblown items in their wardrobe from one of the other gothic styles. For example, the Victorian goth style or the military goth style. These items only ever being worn during a festival, or once a month for whatever goth event they can go to during this time.

The Casual Goth is likely to follow the gothic cliche of wearing black, or mostly black, clothing. Black jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses are favoured. Tops and shirts also follow the same style. Chances are, a Casual Goth has plenty of black t-shirts within their wardrobe, wherever they be plain black ones or simple ones with a small logo on it.

Like the Corp Goth, a causal goth is also likely to wear shirts or blouses. These are, of course, typically normally black.

Makeup tends to be lighter than seen on other goth styles. Heavy mascara or other makeup is likely to be seen, nor more extreme shades of eyeshadow, nail polish or lipstick. Either understated, or blending, is the term to use for the typical Casual Goth makeup style. It might be, however, that on a night out a Casual Goth might use something just slightly heavier.

As for other accessories? Well, the causal goth might own and wear a few gothic pieces of jewelry, such as a wristband with some spikes on it or a gothic looking necklace. However, these accessories, if they do exist, are never a large part of the outfit and just like everything else with the Casual Goth, are much more understated than you might see on other gothic styles.

Casual Goth Music

The Casual Goth can, and will, listen to the full range of gothic music. They might prefer one particular style over the other, for example preferring the classics of gothic music as opposed to the more modern day music, but ultimately, a Casual Goth is pretty likely to listen to anything.

One interesting thing about the Casual Goth, however, is that they are also likely to listen to music that is just a step or two away from the gothic genre. So we’re talking about those crossover goth bands. Or even more mainstream artists such as Muse and Placebo.

Or, they might be more likely to listen to metal than other types of goths, with Iron Maiden and other similar artists being quite big stays on the Casual Goth’s playlists. When they have people around actually, this is the kind of music they will typically turn to if they know the other person isn’t a fan of gothic bands.

With there want to cross over into different genres, Casual Goths are the most likely of goths to cross over into new genres. Other than discovering a band for the first time, a Causal Goth is unlikely to listen to albums. Instead, their playlists will be single songs from various different things. One moment you could be listening to something quite soft, such as November Növelet and then the next be moved onto something much more extreme like Wumpscut. If they aren’t listening to this kind of varied playlist, they are instead listening to a gothic radio station, to get an idea of what new music is out there.

A Casual Goth might even keep their ears on the top 40. Not to say that they like everything that gets on there. But more so they can hear if there is anything new out there that they may like, gothic or not.

Casual Goth Interests

Even with the world “casual” in this goth stereotype, there isn’t anything to say that the fire of goths don’t still run strong within the Casual Goth.

There are just as likely as any other goth types to return home after a hard day of work to work on their hobbies and their passions, doing everything they can to improve their skills in the area there have chosen to be perfect at. They are also just as likely as any goth type to be obsessive to the point of passion over what they decide to do.

As with their music, a Casual Goth is likely to filter and flick between different goth interests, not feeling like they have to be tied down to one particular thing. So just like a cybergoth, they may enjoy reading cyberpunk fiction. Or just like a Victorian goth, they might be interested in that era of history.

Within the goth community themselves, Casual Goths are mostly seen as just as valuable members as anyone else. Sure, there may be a few goths that look down on them for taking a more laid back attitude towards the gothic lifestyle, but most goths do recongise that just because someone doesn’t feel like dressing up all the time, doesn’t mean that they are any less goth than everyone else. There is also one really great thing about Casual Goths, in that these are the more likely people to introduce other people to the gothic world. By being a bit more plain than the other gothic types, it is more likely for members of the public to talk to them.

So yeah, basically, Casual Goths are the gateway drugs for everyone else to get into gothic culture.

(Header Image By Adam W (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr).

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