The Corp Goth

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The Corp Goth, short for Corporate goth, used to be just a term for those Goths who are doing something shocking; going to work in an office.

However, Corp Goth has become a style and type of Gothic lifestyle all on it’s own. It is very common to see people wearing a quintessential Corp Goth look not just in the streets, but in clubs and even large scale goth gatherings such as Wave Goth Treffen (WGT).

Part of this is probably because the fashion style of Corp Goth does also fit in very nicely with the romantic style sensibilities that many goths have, even if they consider themselves as part of a different genre of goth.

Another reason why Corporate Goth is so popular, at least in terms of fashion, is because it can be quite cheap to get together the fashion, and a couple of items of clothing can be mixed together quite easily.

Corp goth is also perfect for those people who might want a style that is not looked upon quite as often as other types of goths might be. That is, it’s not a completely out there fashion style that will naturally draw eyeballs to it.

The ethos of Corp Goth also fits into some people’s idea and wants of the Goth scene as well. In that they don’t want it to take a large, gothy shadow over their lives but yet still have an affinity for it.

That is not to say, however, that The Corp Goth look and lifestyle is “a way out for wimps.” Although the look is not as out there as some other goth styles, it will still be noticed. Additionally, although some people who identify as Corp Goth may just want the Goth scene to touch their lives instead of being all over it, chances are they will still have a lot of interests and music tastes that sets them apart from many people, including the people they may work with.

Corp Goth Fashion

In short, think of Corp Goth as office attire with a Gothic kiss.

Black suits and blazers are very popular within the style. For female practitioners of this style, Blazers and suit jackets that give off an hour glass look are incredibly popular, and for both genders, a nice black waistcoat also sets off the look really well. Sometimes this black clothing has pinstripes, sometimes not.

Not that is to say that black is the only colour that is compatible with a typical Corp goth fashion. For example, shirts are a big component of this style and sure, although black is worn with this, white and black pinstripes, red, blue and purple are all colours that are compatible with the Corp Goth look.

For the bottom half, wherever it’d be a skirt or trousers, other colours are also used within the Corp Goth look. White and black skirts are quite popular, as our trousers with a slight red look.

Lace is also an amazing option for Corp Goth. Although Men might be able to get away with it in Clubs, unfortunately this is a women only thing if the goal is to blend in a bit more in an office environment or life than other style of Goths. For those women, a laced top, or laced skirt (either fully lace or with a lace trip on the bottom) is an amazing way to get the Corp look going.

Makeup is also pretty simple. Deep reds are used more often than not, although black is also possible. And of course, dark eyeliner is as acceptable with Corp goth as it is with any other goth style, although it does tend to be a little less thick and bold than typical.

For piercings and Jewellery, Corp Goths have a lot of different styles. If they do have a job, it may simply be a matter of what they feel they can get away with at work. However, in any case, septum piercings, and some lip and lower face piercings are very popular. Any piercing studs or hoops that are inserted tend to be plain and impactful. For many, it are these piercings that elevate the Corp Goth look from looking like normal clothes to looking like a gothic fashion style.

Accessory wise, the Corp Goth is actually pretty simple. Ties work really well with both genders, with of course Black being a particularly key colour, all things considered. Handbags are another area where the corp look can have an extra nice touch added to it, and chains and metal is fully possible with this, especially if the Corp Look is being worn to blend more into an office environment as they do tend to be left at the desk whenever client meetings or a need to look “presentable” happens.

Corp Goth Music

Corp Goths, of course, can listen to music all across the range of the gothic spectrum. In fact, it may be that they don’t listen so much to individual artists obsessively but tracks. This is especially true if you consider Corp Goths as being those who have been in the Goth World for a while and now with to present a more presentable image to the world. Chances are they have heard a lot of music and now listen to particular favourite tracks across a range of the sub-genres of gothic music.

However, there are still a range of artists that tend themselves particularly well to the Corp Goth who is working in an office.

For those in development industries, or noisy office environments, Xotox is a common artist listened to. Loud, harsh, industrial noise, with minimal lyrics, is perfect for blocking out the sounds of co-workers and being able to concentrate on the work that is at hand,

For those Corp Goths who prefer something a bit softer, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten is also a common choice, as the soft melodies helps to keep a sense of tranquilly at work.

For this case, a lot of neofolk, such as November Novelet, is also key for the Corp Goth who is working.

And of course, what Corp goth can resist playing “Friday I’m in Love” at the end of every working week?

Corp Goth Interests

It’d be a mistake to think that the older generation of Corp Goths have left all their interests behind to “assimilate” into society, and are not 100% completely sensible. Got a Gin bar near you? Chances are, you might spot a few Corporate Goths hanging out there are the work day is done.

One key interest of Corp Goths tends to be whatever their profession is. That is, they like to do nothing else but excel at it, and so will spend time accumulating as much knowledge as possible about it, always honing their skills. Chances are, your Corp Goth is one of these happy people who actually like what they do as a profession.

Corp Goths also tend to have an interest in improving other skills away from what they work at. This could be purely any hobby, such as painting, or something that they wish to turn into an employable skill.

Both of these comes from a kind of mindset that the older Corp Goth has cultivated, that of being determined. After all, if they have transitioned to being a Corp Goth from another style, then they are the kind of people to stick through with things no matter what the obstacles are.

Another interest that Corp Goths tend to have is their home. That is, they are the most likely of the goth types to have a home that reflects their affinity to the goth subculture than other goth types. Part of this might be home ownership, Part of this may be having found a partner who shares their interests. Part of this might also be because they would rather show off the deeper, darker personal side of their personality in a space in which they invite people to as opposed to the public sphere.

(Header Image By Dollen (Own work) [CC BY-ND 2.0], via Flickr).

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