The Cyber Goth

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These are the goths you will often see with bright neon items on their person. A type of goth that proves that it doesn’t all have to be about Bauhaus. About the wearing of all black. Or about taking yourself too seriously.

Cyber Goth didn’t so much come out of the original goth scene, but actually more out of the rave scene. All groups tend to have their crossover music loves, in genres that are somewhat unrelated. So, those who were also into the gothic fashion started trying to work out how to incorporate the gothic sensibilities into their outfit. The music creators how to add goth into their rave songs.

Some of the more traditional Goths might actually look down on the Cyber Goth. You are less likely to find a Sisters of Mercy album within the Cyber Goth’s collection. You are less likely to find gothic decor in their home. Really though, Cyber Goth is another way of getting into the principles of the gothic culture. Cyber Goth songs, underneath their loud beats and techno stylings, contain tributes to the goth songs of old. Yes, not every Cyber Goth listens to ‘true’ goth music, but some of them do. After all, they are showing one of the core tenants of being goth. That of being comfortable with displaying who you are, no matter how outlandish your sense of fashion style or interests may be.

Honestly though, although I’ve heard about other goths looking down onto the Cyber Goth way of life, I have never seen this in real life. I’ve only seen it on the internet. At festivals, including the big ones like WGT, everyone is happy to mingle with each other. No matter which goth type their music choices, their interests, or their fashion might fall into. At clubs, sure, the Cyber Goths may stay in the areas that play more techno styled music. But it’s not like fights break out between that group and the Batcave group.

And it’s not as if most Cyber Goths aren’t incredibly distinctive…

Cyber Goth Fashion

Almost all Cyber Goth have some of the craziest hair that you will see this side of punk.

Synthetic Dreadlocks, or Cyberlox, are pretty much the key element of every single Cyber Goth outfit. Multi-coloured, long, flowing dreadlocks that tend to sprout out in all directions. Cyber Goths can put loads, or a few, of these dreadlocks into their hair, but there is pretty much an unspoken rule. At least one must be neon coloured.

And with that, that is also the other key thing about Cyber Goths. The neon. Cyber Goths are the most noticeable of the goth types simply because of how much they shine out with all of the bright colours that they wear. Pinks. Reds. Green. Yellows. Oranges. Blues. Mixed with black of course.

The Cyber Goth outfit is pretty perfect for the kind of club environment that many Cyber Goths will find themselves in. With the bright neon reflecting off lasers and club lights.

This neon can be pretty much everywhere on a Cyber Goth. In the aforementioned hair pieces. On the wrists. Incorporated into jewelry and bracelets. In gloves. In stockings. In tights. Trousers. Shoes. And the big item, the furry leg warmers.

You will often see Cyber Goths with giant furry items on their shins. Well, either this or some of the most insane pieces of knee high shoe footwear you will see. Very high. With pieces of metal, or electronic lights (in neon of course) added all around them.

Accessories are also another key aspect of the Cyber Goth look, and not just for the elaborate hair pieces. A common thing to see on the Cyber Goth are goggles, which gives them something to share with the Steampunk goth style. These goggles are, of course, usually neon.

The other common accessory you are likely to see is the gas mask. or, also occasionally, a medical mask. Some of this crosses a bit into the fetish goth style.

Completing the look might be sets of contact lenses. Particularly those with either biohazard style symbols. Or those that transform the irises into neon colours.

Cyber Goth Music

As a raver style mixed with goth, the best way to describe a lot of Cyber Goth is as “Club Music that makes you feel guilty about dancing.”

Musically, Cyber Goth is all about fast, aggressive beats. A lot of the time, high pitched techno pitches and hooks are also included with the songs. Lyrics range from simple repeated and normal phases (such as in Eisenpunk’s Pong) to more complex songs about anger (Grendel’s Hate This).

Typical bands that Cyber Goth’s listen to include the already mentioned Eisenpunk, Exitze and (perhaps the pioneers of the Cyber Goth fashion and aesthetic) Angelspit. Even with their capacity for energetic dancing, Cyber Goths also need a break now and then, which is why futurepop bands like VNV Nation and Covenant are also included.

With the typical style of dancing that Cyber Goths do, there is also a lot of cross over in music tastes and bands with Rivethead Goths and Military Goths. So this is also bands like Grendel, as well as Nachtmahr and Combichrist. With all of the rave influences, it is also not that uncommon to also see Cyber Goths enjoying, and dancing along to, other rave type music. This includes groups such as The Prodigy and, sometimes, even Skrillex.

Of course, it is pretty impossible to talk about Cyber Goths, and very impossible to talk about the music of Cyber Goths, without also talking a little bit about the Cyber Goth style of dancing. With large footsteps, energetic hand movements and aggression. One short hand I’ve always liked for describing the style is it’s like beating up an invisible dead body.

But this is also, in my opinion, the most fun part about the Cyber Goth style of goth and scene. It is impossible to dance like a Cyber Goth and not have fun doing it. If you’ve never done it, try it. If you’ve never seen it, or haven’t noticed, take the time to look at the faces of people who are dancing in the Cyber Goth style. Chances are you will see them smiling, laughing, and having the time of their lives.

Cyber Goth Interests

Perhaps more than other types of goths, Cyber Goths will spend a lot of time perfecting their dance moves. It just takes one quick look at the dance tutorials and all of the cyber goth dancers on YouTube to see this in effect.

Because of this, Cyber Goths might actually spend a lot of time in front of a mirror before a night out. But not just because of putting on their makeup and dreads, but more to practice their newest collection of dance moves that they will bring to the club.

As you can also see on the link above, there are also a lot of Cyber Goths with their own YouTube channels. Cyber Goths are very likely to become content creators online. Be that with Youtube, with creating their own playlists, or with creating their own Cyber Goth music.

With the qualities of the Cyber Goth aesthetic, it is also likely that Cyber Goths are interested in computers and machines. Especially futuristic aspects. It is not uncommon to be talking to a Cyber Goth and find out that they work in industry or in computers. Additionally, with this, Cyber Goths also tend to be into Science-Fiction. With admiration for the Cyberpunk genre, with authors such as William Gibson and Philip K Dick.

And of course, following on for this is an appreciation of many TV shows and TV series that also have the same themes. Shows such as The Matrix, The Gene Generation (A film that also includes the music of Combichrist!) and more recently, the TV shows Mr. Robot (especially with its focus on societal collapse) and Black Mirror.

Another aspect that Cyber Goths enjoy? Having fun. Again, encounter one in the wild, dancing? Pause, and take a look at just how happy they look. They are true members of the goth community that have found their own particular way of being completely comfortable with themselves.

(Header Image By KBGphotography (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Deviant Art).

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