The Diesel Punk Goth

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A very close relative to the Steam Punk Goth, Diesel Punk can in fact been seen somewhat as the darker side of Steam Punk. During the Victorian era, where Steam Punk takes its influences from, there was a lot of optimism still in the world. A lot of thought that the future could turn out good and awesome.

Instead of this area, Diesel Punk gets their style and philosophy from the first world war onwards. This is the period where the optimism of the Victorian era instead goes towards a general feeling of dread and menace. Where the horrors of war start becoming known to more people.

In short, steampunk goth is the celebration, whereas Diesel Punk is the hangover. Diesel Punk Goth is what the future looked like to those hanging out under the umbrella of the world wars.

Whereas Steampunk prefers the bronze hues, characteristic of steam powered contraptions, Diesel Punk instead is much more based around the idea of Diesel power. Because of this, although browns are used (and are more muted than the steampunk browns), most people within the Diesel Punk world make much more use of chrome and dull steel within their accessories, fashion and artwork.

To the outsider, it could be quite easy to mix up Diesel Punk Goths with Steampunk Goths, but the differences above should guide you. One of the main ways, however, in which you might be able to see the difference is additional items in their fashion.

Diesel Punk Goth Fashion

Whereas Steam Punk Goths tend to prefer wearing clothing that brings to mind refined gentlemen, or cunning explorers, a lot of Diesel Punk is military based. In fact, while a Steam Punk Goth may take fashion cues from a Victorian Goth, a Steam Punk goth may take their fashion cues from a Military Goth.

So instead of a top hat, you can expect to see a military hat or cape. Instead of a swashbuckling coat, you can expect to see a jacket that a WW1 era general would wear. Instead of long flowing dresses, you can instead expect to see more war practical trousers.

Just as with Steam Punk, the accessories are important within the Diesel Punk movement. These accessories can take from of bags, of goggles on the hat, and with necklaces and bracelets. However, once again, whereas the Steam Punk admires accessories tends to be focused around things that people within the victorian era would wear, the Diesel Punk instead uses a range of accessories that would be out of place at a battlefield. Badges, dripping with the chrome aesthetic. Bags that look like something a medic would carry to a warzone.

Just like a Steam Punk enthusiast at a convention, a Diesel Punk enthusiast may have a few model guns with them. But here they will add a few spikes, will paint it in chrome, or create handles that look suspiciously like brass knuckles.

Between the genders, the fashion of Diesel Punk Goth is pretty much the same. Sure, those with a feminine sense of fashion might wear more corsets than those masculine members, but on the whole, a lot of the outfits are interchangeable. After all, skirts and dresses would have been unsuitable in the trenches of the world war.

Diesel Punk Music

Whereas Steam Punk music is heavily stepped within the kind of instruments and music that would be common within the Victorian Area, Diesel Punk, of course, takes it cues far more from those of the World War time points. This is music such as Jazz, Blues, Jazz and Ragtime. Cabaret is also a large influence. In fact, so much so that within the Diesel Punk fashion it wouldn’t be weird for someone to also include slight Cabaret stylings into their outfits.

Important bands within the Diesel Punk Music scene include the names Caravan Palace, The Brian Setzer Orchestra and Big Rude Jake.

Perhaps the biggest thing to know for the idea of Diesel Punk music though is the, relatively, new genre of music that is Electro Swing. This is music that has combined all of those classic influences above such as jazz, swing music and big band music with something unique. That of EDM, House, Hip-Hop and other electronic music. The result? Sublime. Catchy. Danceable. The big grandfather of this genre is the insanely talented Parov Stelar.

Although completely differently musically, because of the thematic content, many Diesel Punk Goths also enjoy many Military Goth bands. In fact, there is one modern band that uses the Military Goth style of music, but uses Diesel Punk as an aesthetic choice. Detroit Diesel.

Diesel Punk Goth Interests

With their focus on the styles of the area, many Diesel Punk Goths have a lot of knowledge about the 1020s to 1950s.

However, their interests don’t stop there. Because of how they add futuristic elements to this kind of area, your typical Diesel Punk goth also has an interest in futurism. This can extend to reading Cyberpunk fiction, including the works of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick. Or it can be creating their own art. Creating posters advertising fictional, futuristic products that would not be out of place outside a 1940s theatre is a common past-time.

Because of the close lines between Steam Punk and Diesel Punk, many Diesel Punk Goths also enjoy similar media to a Steam Punk Goth. If they are a video gamer, Bio Shock is quite common, although Bioshock Infinite would normally be preferred to Rapture (on a stylistic view anyway.)

As Diesel Punk is nowhere near as popular as the Steam Punk aesthetic (sad, but true), Diesel Punk people also tend to be more likely to make their own items. That is, although a Steam Punk Goth might create their own accessories and clothing out of fun, a Diesel PunkGoth may have no choice but to make their own stuff. For this reason, many people in the Diesel Punk community will be experts in customing fashion items to their own specifications.

Diesel Punk people also tend to be far more likely to spend a lot of time collecting the media of Diesel Punk, wherever it be the music, the television shows, art, or video games. Once again, this is because of the comparative rarity of it when compared to the Steam Punk aesthetic.

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