The Happy Goth

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Ah, whose to say that being a goth is all gloom and doom. This goth type loves bucking the trend. They display a happy, cheery demeanour, while still showing the typical gothic elements.

There being a type of goth that’s keen on showing how happy they are to the world isn’t that much of a surprise. After all, one of the things about goth culture is that it isn’t actually all about the darkness. Goths can actually be some of the happiest people that you ever meet. When you are the kind of person who can show who you are to the world at all times, happiness tends to come naturally.

The Happy Goths are the kind you will often see laughing and dancing their way through the world. This is a close relation to “The Perky Goth” that you can often see in many TV shows. Just without the standard Hollywood cliches that often come with those kind of characters.

The Happy Goth is a one of a kind specimen. They go out into the world with more joy than most people. Not just goths. But every kind of person.

Happy Goth Fashion

Just like any other goth type, the main colour of The Happy Goth is black. Yet, they tend to use this black as a backdrop. They are one of the most likely types of goths to have brightly coloured hair.

It’s using black as a background that makes The Happy Goth different from other colourful goths, like The Cyber Goth. With The Happy Goth, highlighting of black clothes occurs through the colours used. With the other colourful types though, they much prefer the attention being on the neon used.

The Happy Goth accessories more likely use muted colours, instead of blindingly bright. So, for example, burgundy instead of red. Whereas The Bubblegum Goth is likely to use

On the whole, they also tend to avoid some of the more “ridiculous” gothic clothing. You can’t be dancing and singing everywhere you go if you are feeling uncomfortable. So The Happy Goth’s outfit tends to be free of anything that would be too cumbersome.

On the clothing and jewellery they wear ,you are also likely to find graphics. Unlike The Bubblegums Goth’s reliance on ‘kawaii’ graphics, Happy Goths are, well, happy with any images. Think stars, pentagrams, or yes, even something cute like a cat.

Happy Goths emerging into the non-goth world also tend to have an easier time than other goth types. Their clothing typically goes well with more ordinary fashion items such as jeans. But, you can always tell a happy goth through their facial expressions. Their sense of fun. The small bits of gothic accessories that they still keep on them.

Even when they are in incognito, you will recognise The Happy Goth. There will be something dark on them. Wherever it be a ribbon around the neck, a nice gothic ring, or a cool bracelet.

Happy Goth Music

Happy Goths can listen to Happy Goth Bands. Or they can actually go to the other extreme and listen to the most depressing and violent of Gothic bands.

For those who listen to the more morbid, angry, dark gothic music it can be a way to purge all negative feelings. A kind of release if you will. Make the happy side dominant by indulging in darkness. The perfect kind of bands for this? Here we’re talking bands like Combichrist, Wumpscut, Lustmord and Suicide Commando.

For Happy Goth Music, we have those bands who make seemingly happy sounding music. But actually have an undercurrent of melancholy, such as The Cure. We also have the more upbeat, electronic music of the likes of Ayria and the synths of The Birthday Massacre.

Really though it doesn’t matter what’s playing when The Happy Goth gets into the mood to dance, to laugh, to celebrate. They will grab you by the hand and drag you into their magical, happy world.

Happy Goth Interests

One reason that a Happy Goth might be, well, so happy, is because they have a fulfilling life. With a Happy Goth, chances are that they have many different hobbies. It is a pursuit of perfection in these hobbies that has created their happy persona. When you have achieved something brilliant, you gain another piece of true self. The goal of any goth (or person, for that matter).

Because of adding other colours to black clothes, most Happy Goths know their way around a sewing machine. You can expect their flats and bedrooms to be a mess of ribbons and cutoff fabric. The clothes they are wearing likely have stray pieces of thread on them from their latest project.

Many Happy Goths also share something with Bubblegum Goths in the love of Manga. Although with the Happy Goth, this can also extend to other comics as well.

Shared by Happy Goths and, shockingly enough, Military Goths is a love of bad horror movies. There is nothing better than kicking back with a few friend. Joking and laughing at the ridiculous events that are happening.

Happy Goths also tend to be the more social of the goth types. They love nothing more than being in a place where other people are being happy. This can be a club, where the Happy Goth is in their element. With everyone else around them singing, laughing and enjoying life. Or it can be at a restaurant or over a cup of coffee. Sharing humorous tales with close friends and just-met-acquaintances.

They can also be completely comfortable just by themselves. A day in the park, with of course a lovely black goth hat. Or just an evening at home with a good book.

The true interest of a happy goth? Happiness. They will do whatever makes them happy. And most of the time? Bringing other people into their insane, bright, colourful world creates this happiness.

(Header Image By Garry Platt (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr).

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