The Latex Goth

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A close cousin to The Fetish Goth, The Latex Goth is all about one thing. Latex. Shiny form fitting Latex.

Latex Goths love the look. The feel on the skin. Feeling Latex on someone else.

Because of the price of Latex, most Latex Goths start out with PVC. It’s as if PVC is the gateway drug.

To create latex clothing is a high intensity task. This is why most Latex clothes are normal expensive.

Putting on Latex also isn’t easy. Because of the tight fitting nature of it. Talcum Powder and Lube is often used to make this easier.

A latex goth is almost always part of the BSDM scene. And will slap you if you mention fifty shades of gray around them. Even though fifty shades of gray isn’t that bad.

Latex Goth’s aren’t just made out of the clothing choices though. There is also a very strong component to the personality of latex. The feeling that comes with wearing latex. There tends to be two particular sensations that happens. One is a feeling of dominance and confidence. The other is a feeling of submissiveness. Some Latex Goths even switch between the two.

With a Latex Goth, the culture they are a part of, and yes the clothing material they wear, is just another way to show parts of their personality shunned by normal society.

Not all Latex Goths also dress the part all the time. In fact, in the modern world, that would be impractical. Neither, though, do they reserve it for just when they are in a fetish club. Any goth club or bar is a prime place to go on a Latex Goth hunt trip.

Latex Goth Fashion

Guess what material of clothing Latex Goths tend to wear? Go on.

If a Latex Goth is wearing something in a goth or fetish event, it will be made out of Latex. There won’t be any cheap PVC on their body. The exception maybe being a collar worn for sentimental reasons.

The obvious latex item is a cat suit. However, Latex is a versatile material. A range of many different accessories can be made from it.

Latex trousers are popular. As our latex skirts and dresses. Some companies also make some amazing latex shirts.

The traditional color of latex is black. But this is just a convention. Latex can be dyed in any color. One of the advantages a Latex Goth has is, because Latex is already subversive, they can wear any color they want. No matter hat a latex wears, they will still be seen as a member of the goth community by all but the strictest of Traditional Goths.

With this, it is still that the most popular colors of latex are Black and Red. This striking color combination is a staple in many goth fashions. And it is no different for the Latex Goth. Bright yellows are also popular to see. Probably because one of the more popular recent latex wearers is Silk Specter from Watchmen.

Accessories are rarely warn by a Latex goth. After all, why would you when your latex can do all of the talking for you? Those few accessories they do wear tend to be other things that show the life style. Collars are an option for this. As are bracelets that look more like arm bindings.

Latex Goth does often cross over with Body Modification Goth. Piercings and tattoos are very common things to see on the body of a Latex Goth. Those who have them tend to prefer wearing Latex that lets them show off. So, if the object in question is a tattoo sleeve, the Latex Goth will prefer shorter latex tops.

The other thing a Latex goth will wear that isn’t (usually) made out of Latex are shes. To many of the Latex Goths, those with a high shaft and thick soles are preferred. The dominatrix style look. To others, simple high heels are just perfect.

Latex Goth Music

There is one recent artist that basically caters purely to Latex Goths. Grausame Töchter.

The album arts of Grausame Töchter feature Latex pictures. The videos have the band members in various latex outfits. The stage show has everyone wearing Latex. Hell, they even have a song titled “Sex in Latex.”

Not only do they wear it, their songs speak about the themes common to Latex Goths. On Domination. On submission. On sex, sexuality and lust.

Another common band for Latex Goths to listen to is that of Nachtmahr. Their stage show doesn’t always make use of Latex. But their stage show, and Thomas Rainer’s lyrics always make use of submission and domination.

For more latex wearers, Alien Sex Fiend is another band. And of course, they have all of the Latex songs that are needed as well.

A Latex Goth will also listen to all of the songs favored by The Fetish Goth. Again, they all tend to have similar themes to what the Latex Goth experiences, or wants to experience, within their lives.

Latex Goth Interests

A Latex Goth does tend to be interested in human sexuality. And all the forms that it is expressed in.

Even if they are straight, they will often be strong campaigners for LBQT rights around the world. They will be appalled by any legislation that prevents people from displaying who they are to the world.

They will also likely have a library of books about human sexuality. You are likely to find a copy of Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden, wherever as a serious interesting or as a curiosity piece. If they have a Kindle, chances are they will have a large range of romance novels from the Kindle e-store, many focusing on particular fetishes.

Latex Goths tend to be really welcoming in terms of their home. They love entertaining people. And not just in that way. Dinner parties, having guests over, cups of coffee on a balcony are all common elements you will see. Sure, if you enter a Latex Goth’s house, you might see a bed with some hooks for bondage. Or other signs of potential activity. But these will just be there. Not a commented on point.

Instead what you will be able to expect is a well decorated, bright, welcoming home. Along with a host who is all smiles and is really happy at seeing you there.

Because of their attitude to life, a Latex Goth isn’t scared of their sexuality. That is not to say that they will throw it into your face all the time. But more that they are completely open about it when asked. If you ever have any form of sexual or romance problem, a Latex Goth can be one of the best people to turn to. You will get real, actionable, advice from them.

(Header Image By Jez Kabanov (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr).

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