The Military Goth

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Military Goth is one of the more shocking goth styles for outsiders looking into the scene. However, this is also a goth style that is pretty common around the world, including in many German clubs (which you would have thought would be one place where it isn’t so popular).

It is actually natural for military goth to become a thing in light of Germany, when you consider Germany being a large part of the gothic scene. Most of the harsher gothic music is created in this place, and one of the themes will of course be military forces, in very much the same way that Iron Maiden have a lot of songs about historical British wars, or westernised societies have a lot of songs about relationships that take place online or through mobile phones. If you take inspiration from everywhere, including your country’s history, then sometimes the darker parts of that will be used.

You can also see Military Goth as an evolution of the Industrial and Rivet Head communities. In someways, it’s a natural offshoot of the slight military stylings of this kind of look.

Military Goth Fashion

Pretty much the key accessory of every Military Goth is the hat.

There are two main hats that are work. For the more bombastic look, it is a peaked cap (also known as a “Schirmm├╝tze”). This is the most dramatic of the kinds of hats that can be worn, and it is certain that if a military goth is wearing it then they are heavily into the fashion.

The other kind of hat that is commonly worn are the smaller cloth hats, also known as the Forage Cap, Sidecap or the Schiffchen. Historically worn in the military when off of duty, this makes a kind of poetic sense for an item worn in clubs or in free-time by everyone else.

Every now and then, these hats will also be decorated with a pair of aviation goggles, adding a nice touch of the steam punk goth style to the proceedings.

The next big item for many military goths is the coat. Think big, bold buttons, long and flowing, and every now and then a visible belt strap. This part of the outfit is important for both male and female followers of the fashion, although sometimes people will use just the top section of the coat, i.e. wearing it as one might wear a cape and trimming off the rest.

This is because, at least for women, a corset has also become a very key part of the military goth fashion. Well, either that or a top with a cutoff cleavage section (sometimes made out of PVC or Latex). Men tend to wear, if they don’t have their coat buttoned all the way up, a nice shirt with high collars and military stylings around it.

Accessories include, of course, a pair of stunning gloves. These can be short or long, latex or leather, cloth or PVC, but always solid; no netting involved. Sunglasses are also a common item, especially the rounded type for that “evil WW2” doctor style of look.

Occasionally, Gas Masks are also used as an accessory, alongside armbands worn on the upper arm as opposed to by the forearm or wrists.

Makeup wise, dark eyeshadow is the most popular, alongside striking red, or muted red, lipstick. Eyeshadow tends to be very light, and black, although sometimes red accents are also used (especially if the clothing worn also has red accents).

At times, there is also a bit of cross over with the Latex Goth, as many uniform stylised clothing can also be composed out of Latex or PVC, especially some of the more elaborate uniform tops and dresses.

Military Goth Music

Musically, many of the military goths are in luck because some of the bigger names on the scene also have military stylised trappings. A typical genre for Military Goths to listen to is Aggrotech (not to say, of course, that they can’t enjoy other genres as well.)

Sound wise, drum beats are frequent, alongside marching sounds. In fact, a lot of the music can be said to be good music to invade countries too.

One of the bigger names in it, and also their own sub-genre of the military style, is the almighty Austrian band Nachtmahr. Especially considering they have a song titled “M├Ądchen in Uniform”.

On the other side of the ocean, there is also FGFC820. Although on stage and in videos, they do not look like the typical military goth style (instead going for a more Combat Ready Goth look), the desolation of war, and the hard beats, of their songs strikes a cord with many Military Goths.

Miss Construction is a band enjoyed by both Zombie Goths and Military Goths. Miss Construction don’t deal with the war themes as much as other military goth bands, but their stage presence, decaying corpses in full military uniform (complete with Peaked Cap) strikes a chord with the gigging styles of many Military Goths.

Hailing from Canada, Detroit Diesel is a band that most Military Goths also love, once they have heard them. Detroit Diesel is one of the few Military Goth bands that do also incorporate female vocals into their songs. Interestingly, they have also done a track with the American band above, FGFC820.

There is also a really interesting case with the UK Indie/Rock band Kasabian. Although completely away from the stylings of the bands above, focusing more on that undefinable British band style of sound, the lyrics and Russian style of dress speak very much to Military Goths.

Military Goth Interests

Of course, one of the interests of Military Goths can be warfare. After all, you have to get the inspiration for killer outfits and killer songs from somewhere. For this, there will be many documentaries watched, many books read, and many museums visited. Their YoUTube playlists, as well as full of music, will also be likely to be full of different looks into war around the world.

Many of them also like the more silly side of war, so expect movie and TV tastes to include Mash and Dr. Strangelove. And you know all of those direct to video movies featuring Nazi Zombies of some kind? A complete boon to the Military Goth community. And of course, Iron Sky made one amazing, massive, splash in the Military Goth community, often being the focus of pre-drinks when military goths get together before heading to the club.

And of course, nothing can get Military Goths flocking to a table faster than a game of Risk (okay, this one is a bit tongue in cheek).

(Header Image By Jagged-Eye, (own work) via DeviantArt).

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