The Pastel Goth

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These are a type of goth that has really come into prominence in the scene lately. The main feature of the Pastel Goth is that they might use a lot more colours than you expect. It’s as if they are a colouring book picture, coloured in crayons. But the colouring book is something that would be at home on Wednesday Addams’ shelf.

Pastel goth is a natural evolution of the black that is associated with the gothic scene. It’s a natural evolution of the image of all doom and gloom that has captured the media so much. You can say that this breakaway from pure blackness first of all started with these things: The Cyberdog brand, the Cybergoth community and the emergence of Aggrotech.

Angelspit are a key figure here. Yes, the band are very much within the Cybergoth scene. But they exposed to the mainstream that you don’t have to dress all in black to be a member of the goth community.

Pastel Goth came about as an offshoot of the Cybergoth style but uses even less black . Pastel Goth has also turned the neon colours all the way down. The more obvious darkness and violence of The Cybergoth’s music has been replaced with a more cheeky, winking, and hidden menace. The loud beats have been replaced with something a little bit more soft and ethereal.

The three types of goth that The Pastel Goth is often confused for is the, already mentioned, Cybergoth and the Bubblegum goth. It is best to view the difference on a kind of scale. The Cybergoth use of colours tends to be the brightest, with the most amount of black. Next, comes the Bubblegum Goth, where the difference lies in a more dramatic use of pink, and bright, yet not quite neon colours. The Pastel Goth, on the other hand, uses very muteId colours. Think chalk outlines on the pavement. n the rain.

Pastel Goth Fashion

As discussed, on a Pastel Goth you are most likely to see muted colours. You will see faded coloured hair, in muted blues, greens, reds, sometimes light blond. White is also possible, although far less common (likely just because of the difficulty in creating the white hair effect).

The goth aspect of the Pastel Goth tends to come out in the accessories that are used to complete the look. With the Pastel Goth, it is not unusual to see a collection of different necklaces or spiked bracelets. Especially if the straps are white.

A Pastel Goth is also one of the goth types that uses religious, or pseudo-religious, iconography. This gives them something in common with The Witch House Goth. We speaking large necklaces with various icons on them. Or tops with various, sometimes occult looking symbols on them. Moons and suns are also common elements that you will see on Pastel Goths for these very reasons. In fact, you will never see a Pastel Goth experience greater joy than when they start raiding one of their Witch House Goth friend’s wardrobes.

Interestingly, Pastel Goths also make use of flowers, and not just the standard red or black roses. Blue, pinks, and purples are all colours of flowers that a Pastel Goth is likely to but in their hair.

On this note, many Pastel Goths also take a lot of great care on their nail varnish. Oh, of course they also have other makeup, in those muted Pastel Goth colours. But a lot pay attention to their hands. Nail art is very common to see. Likely with iconography or, even somewhat like the Bubblegum Goth, skulls done in those wonderful pastel colours.

So where does the black come in? Well, some Pastel Goths will use black trousers, some will use black tops, some may even use a Wednesday Addams style dress and use Pastel Goth accessories and hair to match the style.

Pastel Goth Music

The Pastel Goth has a lot of cross over with their style of music to those enjoyed by Bubblegum Goths. So, this means bands such as The Birthday Massacre and Ayria are pretty popular with them.

Although from the 80’s, before the style was really there, Strawberry Switchblade can be quite an inspiration to the Pastel Goth, with their gothic, yet colourful appearance. It also helps that their songs have a hint of darkness hiding between bounceable, happy sounding beats and singing. Of course, the all greats of the original gothic scene, Siouxsie and the Banshees for example, are a large influence as well.

They aren’t just content with listening to just the typical goth music. The Pastel Goth will also seek out those bands that straddle the fine line between Mainstream and Underground. Here we speak of bands like Crystal Castles, Grimes, or Anamanaguchi.

Okay, so other goths do indeed don’t just spend their time listening to people who dress up in insane outfits. But it does seem that the Pastel Goth is the most likely to expand out into other areas of music.

In fact, although they are appreciative of both the classics and the new wave of goth music, Pastel Goths are actually the most likely to listen to music that isn’t goth. For example, Marina and the Diamonds, and sometimes, yes, even Lady Gaga. But these pop songs do all have something in common. That although on the surface, they may look like they are about happy, typical pop ideas, when you dig deeper you actually discover a hidden undercurrent of anger, malice, sadness, depression or violence.

Pastel Goths Interests

Because of their large attention on getting just the right shade of colour, most Pastel Goths are artistic in nature, particularly with colour theory. It’s not uncommon to find Pastel Goths who want to either be general designers, or fashion designers.

Home decoration is a keen interest of Pastel Goths, but perhaps in a different way to other types of people who are interested in how their home looks. To most, the decoration of their home is just another way to show the life they have led. Loads of different pinboards, mood displays and plenty of different colours all around their homes are key features.

Due to this love of showing off their personality and aspect of heir lives, scrapbooking is quite a usual hobby that many Pastel Goths have. And due to their ideas on focusing on design, many Pastel Goths are also active members of online communities. Any website that allows them to practice their design skills is a good fit for many Pastel Goths. In fact, many Pastel Goths also tend to be web designers themselves, knowing their way around HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.

One common, yet maybe slightly less obvious place, you might find Pastel Goths online is over on Reddit in the MakeUp Addiction subreddit. This is because many Pastel Goths also have as a hobby discovering new makeup techniques, and practising their craft. When a Pastel Goth has put their makeup and nails on in the space of an hour? You haven’t seen the fifty hours before that perfecting that makeup technique.

(Header Image By Heidi Rewell (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr).

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