The Romantic Goth

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Ah. The kind of goth likely to be at the graveyard. Writing down poetry. Sketching out flowers in a notebook. Indulging in as much art as possible.

The romantic goth is one of the classic goth types, alongside The Traditional Goth. The Romantic Goth is one of those that media has taken for stereotypes. We’ve all seen a TV show featuring a goth creating poetry and love letters.

Romanticism here doesn’t just mean love though. Even though that’s a big part of it. It also refers to the romantic period of history. The usage of the word “gothic” to refer to architecture and a period of history is perfect for this goth type.

With the emphasis on art, this goth can be one of the more creative types. You won’t encounter one without at least one artistic hobby.

The Romantic Goth is also a common goth type. If you are around where goths are, you will encounter them. The Romantic Goth can also transform into another goth type in their future. That’s not to say that a romantic goth is only for the younger generation though. There are just as many Romantic Goth who remain a member of this subtype of goth throughout their whole life.

Due to how common they are, you might already know what a Romantic Goth looks like.

Romantic Goth Fashion

Velvet. Plenty of velvet. The more velvet a romantic goth can have, the better. When a romantic goth finds a new velvet coat, they are in heaven.

This velvet love doesn’t just include pure clothing items. Many romantic goth accessories are also made out of velvet. Bags. Jabots. Ties. Even bracelets can all have velvet.

Some romantic goths appropriate a bit of the dandy look, giving them similarities to the victorian goth. A romantic goth will have a top hat. And it will be their most treasured item. Brought with love and cared for. Never steal a romantic goth’s top hat. You will face a wrath the likes of which you have never seen before.

Second to the abundance of lace is lace. Romantic Goths love lace. Expect to see them wearing lace on their face, with or without a top hat on. Expect to see lace dresses, lace shirts, and even coats with lace attached to them.

Just like many goths, black is a common colour for clothing. The Romantic Goth is also likely to add to their outfits with shades of red and purple. It is not uncommon to see a cravat worn in one of these two hues. The purple and red are deep though.

Flowers are also a common motif. You can expect a romantic goth to put red roses, purple roses or even black roses in their hair. This can be a hair band. It can be a hair clip made for this.

Having flowers on bracelets and necklaces are also common. There can also be a touch of the victorian goth influence in these accessories.

Ring bracelets and lace braclets are also worn. As are accessories with purple or red gems in them.

You can also expect coats and dresses to be long and flowing. Anything that can swirl is amazing. One of the best things a masculine romantic goth can own? A tailcoat. Of course, you can expect a rose in the lapel.

Corsets are also a popular item for the feminine fashion. You can expect more lace here. Or lace covering up a red or purple body.

With this fashion style, it’s easy to see why many Vampire Goths see Romantic Goths as inspirations.

Romatic Goth Music

Just like The Traditional Goth, you can expect a Romantic Goth to be a serious fan of all of the goth artists of old. Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, The Cure, et al. Naturally, their favourite songs here tends to be about love. Both honoured and unrequited.

Many Romantic Goths will also listen to things further back in the past than this. Think of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. They will actually go to operas. To classical music recitals.

Aside from this, most Romantic Goth music lies on the ethereal, dreamy side. Bands such as Dead can Dance and the first album of Emilie Autumn are essential romantic goth listening.

Folk music is also a popular choice. Nick Drake being one of the masters here for Romantic Goths. A focus on poetry in his lyrics. An alienated love from others in his life. Death in June, more of a death-folk band, is also a common choice for Romantic Goths, as is Faith and the Muse and November Novelet.

An interesting case for many romantic goths is Theatre of Tragedy. All of their earlier tracks are perfect. With a focus on old-fashioned lyrics, romantic instruments and ethereal aspects. However, most of their latest albums are unsuitable to a usual Romantic Goth. This is because they have a heavy electronic focus.

This is not to say that they reject all electronic music. Just those with a very heavy focus on this side. You will find Romantic Goths also listening to Synth and Darkwave bands, including Darkher, New Order and Project Pitchfork.

There is a cross over for many Romantic Goths with music a Hippy Goth or Pagan Goth may listen to. So, you can expect many romantic goths to also listen to bands such as Faun and Subway to Sally.

Romatic Goth Interests

The love of velvet doesn’t stop at their clothing choices. A Romantic Goth will also have velvet in their homes. Velvet drapes. Velvet cushions. Even Velvet Bedsheets. Enter a Romantic Goth’s house and be amazed at their decoration style. Big mirrors everywhere. No furniture not covered with velvet or lace drapes. And very likely, a prized teapot collection.

Romantic Goths are also likely to be artistic souls. So expect paint flecks still under their fingernails. Or them to always have a notebook and pen for when the poetry muse strikes. Or a collection of instruments and guitars for songwriting.

You will often find a Romantic Goth has at least six romance novels on the go. From the classic novels by Austin to modern day attempts at emulating this classic style.

Because for them, romance is also geared towards everything in life, many Romantic Goths are also vegetarian or Vegan. You can expect them to care a lot for animals, and for their fellow humans.

And one reason you should make friends with a romantic goth? Gifts. Romantic Goths are the masters at the forgotten art of gift giving. You can expect completely custom gifts from them. Wrapped up. Made with love and attention. Attuned to your personality and the reason for being given. Make friends with a romantic goth today. And feel the love.

(Header Image By Bryan Ledgard (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr).

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