The Scientist Goth

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A somewhat recent sub-genre of the Goth scene is that of the scientist goth. Sometimes this also crosses over into Medical Goth.

These are the goths who love to convey a feeling of authority. In fact, with this, they have quite a bit in common with Military Goths.

This style of goth has come from, in a way, old horror movies. Almost all types of goths enjoy horror movie aspects. A common figure in them is that of the evil mad scientist. Or the good-natured scientist who has created something that has gone completely wrong.

In some ways, there is also a little bit of a cross over into Medical Fetish, making many scientist goth friends of Fetish Goths.

There is also a slight relation to the Cosplay goth. However, whereas the Cosplay Goth tends to focus on looking like one particular character, for the Scientist Goth it’s about looking like a type of character.

Although Scientist Goths are out there, they are one of the rarer goth types to encounter. That is, you are more likely to meet a Traditional Goth or even a Rivet Head Goth before you ever encounter the scientist goth. However, their rarity makes them a beautiful species to study and spot.

Scientist Goth Fashion

One of the key points of the Scientist Goth Fashion is that of the lab coat. Or something that looks like a lab coat. The more authentic, the better. It very much helps a Scientist Goth if they know someone who works in a lab. Or even if they do themselves.

This Labcoat might even be modified with some elements to make it look a little bit more goth. Maybe dyed black, Maybe by putting on red trimmed fabric. The buttons on it may also be replaced. Wither with large black, chrome, or silver ones, or with leather straps instead.

Other than this, there is also often a bit of crossover with Steam Punk. Although on the whole, the accessories are less important to a scientist goth than they are to a Steam Punk Goth, it is still quite usual for a Scientist Goth to wear goggles. Failing this, many scientist goths will wear circular sunglasses.

Another common item you can see on the Scientist goth is that of the eye patch. Worn either as a symbol of an experiment gone wrong. Or just because an eye-patched scientist does look pretty cool.

And you will often find medical or gas masks on a scientist goth. Some of them will wear them similarly to a necklace. Yet others will keep them on their face. For medical face coverings, sometimes you will see that they are made out of leather, or latex.

Scientist Goth Music

One of the absolute key bands within this genre is Welle:Erdball.

Although they are less likely to go up on stage wearing lab coats, Honey and A.L.F certainly play the part of scientists. Those circular shades of theirs help.

Most of the side projects of the various Welle Erdball members are also key music for many Scientist Goths. One of these, homo~futura, is a love letter to scientist goths. Honey even used the pseudonym “Dr. Georg Linde” on this album, to further emphasise the scientist theme.

Die Funkhausgruppe, also featuring Welle: Erdball members, also have one song that is key to many scientist goths: Die Physiker.

Another artist that is important within the scene is that of Dr. Steel. Although seen more as a Steam Punk artist, his whole persona is essentially based around being a mad scientist. Perfect for a Scientist Goth capturing this aspect of horror.

Many German fans are also a massive fan of the group “Surgyn”, with their name invoking the idea of a surgeon. This band can also at times cross over into medical fetish.

With this cross over into Medical Fetish also comes Angelspit. Although more favoured by Cyber Goths and Medical Fetishes, they just have a few touches here and there which make then a great band for Scientist Goths.

Scientist Goth Interests

Mention the name “Mark Benecke” to any Scientist Goth and you will become amazed at just how much one person can talk. Somewhat of an idol in the community, Mark Benecke is a German Forensic Biologist, probably most famous for having worked on the identification of Hitler’s and Eva’s skull and teeth.

Other, Mark Benecke is also known as the Rock Scientist. He is tattooed, often dresses up in Steam Punk style clothing, and is good friends with a German goth DJ and Artist, “Die Schwarze Witwe” (The Black Widow in English) and Fräulein Venus (in the already mentioned Welle:Erdball), performing at many different gothic events. DJing and Dancing with the best of them.

With these idols, many scientist goths are into forensics, with bookshelves full of the matter of this particular area of science. Following on from this, many scientist goths are also interested in other areas of science. And here we aren’t just talking about the classic Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Some are also interested in other areas. Psychology is a very common area, for similar reasons as to why Victorian Goths might be interested in this area. A scientist goth has an uncanny ability to talk to you, and tell you of things you suspected about yourself but never had confirmed to yourself before. Uplifting things.

A side project of many scientist goths is also taxidermy. Some of this is due to the biological understanding that is necessary when working in this craft. Some of this is because of the chemistry that is involved in all of the embalming chemicals. Some of this is just simply because well-done taxidermy can look amazing.

Of course, with their love of mad scientists, many Scientist Goths are very interested in horror movies. Those from the old times. Those that feature mad scientists in all of their forms. Welle:Erdball certainly helps with this. They have even produced full movies, such as Operation:Zeitstrum, that feature the idea of mad scientists as plot points.

Because of their interest in science, many Scientist Goths are well educated. This doesn’t have to mean university, although it often does. Many of the have learnt all of their information from books and the internet. This kind of self-directed study being a great attitude. It is also not surprising that many scientist goths either work within the science fields, or are striving to gain a place in them.

You might also expect a scientist goth, with all of this, to be serious all the time. However, scientist goths know how to have fun with all of the best of them. They just know the times when they should be dutiful in their studies. And when they should maybe just kick back and relax a little bit. For this reason, when you encounter a scientist goth, you have a chance to make both a friend and a person who can give you amazing knowledge. On how the way the world works. And how you work.

(Header Image By Rama (Own work) [CeCILL or CC BY-SA 2.0 fr], via Wikimedia Commons

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